vPapel User Manual   How to generate an vPapel publication from JPG fies
vPapel Editor Manual   How to generate an vPapel publication from SWF fies
vPapel Publisher Manual   How to generate an vPapel publication from PDF fies

Do I need any other software tool to convert my PDF file to an vPapel digital publication?
NO, vPapel will automatically convert all the files. You just have to create the catalog and upload the PDF file and in a few minutes it will be ready to be published online.

Can I create a vPapel catalog out of images and pictures?
Yes. You have to convert your images files to JPG format and vPapel will create the publication automatically from those files.

May I include FLV videos in my vPapel catalog?
Yes. You can include FLV videos uploading them from your vPapel control panel.

Can I obtain statistics based on the visualization of my vPapel publication?
Yes. In the statistics module located on the Control Panel of vPapel you will be able to visualize and analyze every page.

May I create interactive areas inside the vPapel pages?
Yes. You can create as many interactive areas in your vPapel catalog as you desire and set the actions you want to achieve when the users 'click' over the area.

Is vPapel a software that I have to buy and download?
NO. vPapel IS NOT a software application, it is an ONLINE solution, you do not need to install anything in your PC, you only need an internet connection and a browser such as IE, Firefox, Safari, etc. from where you will upload your files to be converted into an Interactive Virtual Publication.

If I buy a vPapel License, may I later on update it to vPapel Plus License?
YES. You can buy and upgrade to vPapel Plus to convert your existent vPapel publications to vPapel Plus Publications

What do I need to position my vPapel publications in the internet?
vPapel automatically generate an xml and html files from the PDF content to be added to your website allowing the robots to index the content in the main internet search engines, like Google, Yahoo, Etc.

New Product vPapel+ Plus
Feel the Plus+ effect
+ speed
+ sharpness
+ zoom
+ positioning

New! Full Size, automatic resizing to your monitor configuration.
New! Zoom in Full Size.
Ultra speed Zoom.
New! "Hard cover" effect.
Added sharpness making it easier to read the content.
New! Multilanguage.

New Brazil Reseller


New Czech Republic Reseller

Innovate, s.r.o.

New USA Reseller

WebLink Studio, Inc.

Define the properties of your publication and add the pages in PDF, JPG or SWF format.
With only one "click" your publication will be generated and published in the Internet and if you want you can download it to be dixstributed off-line in CD / DVD / Etc.
Analyze the visits to your publication "page by page".
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