vPapel is a platform for the generation of online publications designed to provide solutions for multiple markets.
vPapel provides specific functionalities to ensure that content reaches different publics.
vPapel enhances the reading experience for your client. You can be sure that the benefits will be reflected in your business results.


Online Interactive catalogs improve the recognisability of your product and draw clients of a particular, pre-specified type to your shop. The probability of confirmed sales and customer satisfaction is increased as a result.

vPapel Shopping Cart!

Integrate with external shopping carts

vPapel integrated with the external shopping cart is a product designed to enhance your existing e-commerce potential. An area on the vPapel control panel defines where in the catalog customers have searched for each product and matches this specifically to the contents of the shopping cart, along with the product code. This ensures end-user transparency between catalog consultations and sales orders.

Specific characteristics:

The creation of links between catalog products and your existing e-commerce platform, independently of technology such as PHP, .Net, Java etc.

Email receipts sent for confirmed catalog sales.

Administrator for received sales orders

Optional: API Integration to accommodate (for example) Stock Online for your products, integration with third party software and personalized systems.

Optional: Integration with affiliates systems to offer a personalized sales service via the catalog for each of your affiliates who want direct notification on their own websites of online sales orders.

vPapel Shopping Cart! +

Shopping cart also including

Using a PDF document, it is possible to easily create a catalog with a shopping cart that sends sales orders or requests for quotations to an indicated email address. The web is not needed, no technical staff are needed and it's very easy to set up.

Can be used for online quotation requests or sales orders and it includes - if you need it - online payment services, such as virtual payment pages or a link to payment by PayPal.

Special characteristics:

Configuration to link to payment via PayPal included. Other payment links developed on request.

Product administrator tool that creates, modifies and removes products.

Administration tool for the size, colours and styles of products.

Administration tool for taxes and charges.

Administration tool for countries and regions.

Administration tool for cost of despatch.

Administration tool for received sales orders.

Registration and login facilities for regular users.

Email receipts sent for confirmed catalog sales.

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vPapel Shopping Cart!

vPapel Shopping Cart!+ and Product Stock Integration API

vPapel Shopping Cart!+

Editorial, dailies, magazines, books.

vPapel for Editorial is designed for those who either want to compliment their paper publications with an entirely online version or even to abandon the printed edition altogether and migrate completely to an electronic edition on the web. The importance of enriching content in the online interactive experience is essential to capture the large and increasing number of people who are checking online content for reasons of practicality and speed.
Additionally, with the new vPapel Mobile Beta application, the largest number of readers can be reached without barriers created by device or browsers. vPapel mobile Beta allows a version of the publication for mobiles the same as for computers.

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Digital Books

La Rioja Alta S.A. Oenology Book

Digital Magazine (with videos)

MassNegocios Magazine
Digital Edition


Dir Emotions Magazine vPapel and Digital Editions


LV Newspaper
From Monday to Friday


It really is huge the leap that educational institutions are taking in their teaching based on ICT (information and communications technology) in all levels and in all specialities. For this reason, content such as books, manuals, encyclopaedias, prospectuses and digital guides is extremely suitable for new types of application.

Digital books offer a more dynamic way to educate current and future students. Digital images, video clips, live links and news all give a high quality interactive experience. Promoting analysis and discourse on discussion forums enhances integration between students and their educators, adds to the perception of the educational institution and better involves participants within it.

vPapel is a platform that specifically generates this online content quickly and easily from a PDF file. What results is a familiar format reproducing the essence of a printed publication by its design, layout and page-turning simulation. For the student, there is no need for any training to navigate the online content, which quickly gets and maintains their attention. The end result is more motivated students who learn better.

The new vPapel Mobile Beta application enables students, teachers and professionals to view publications wherever they are and with whatever fixed or mobile application they are using - computer, PDA, Tablet PC, iPad, IPhone, Android. It has been developed on the premise that 'what you can see you read', being optimised for the best visual experience on each application and is compatible with every browser on the market, making it possible to select publications without compatibility worries.

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UOC Educational Model


Advertisements embedded in online magazines and periodicals improve brand awareness and loyalty.

With vPapel, advertisers can better drive readers' interest and maintain their attention via the interactive experience, all based on a familiar look to the content (brochures, magazines, leaflets or catalogs), which people relate to easily and which they can navigate very simply and naturally.

Additionally, vPapel offers an analysis engine that monitors consultations for each publication and permits a precise study of content of interest matched to the types of visitor. With this improved knowledge, it's possible to adjust the advert's message, the product characteristics and discover opportunities for new market openings.

vPapel publications have been designed with a high degree of virality** in mind and, with the different tools that permit the distribution of content and your comments online, vPapel is an ideal partner in the consolidation of brands and driving public opinion.

** Distribution of content through the use of information technology (email, social networks, forums, SMS etc.)

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New Product vPapel+ Plus
Feel the Plus+ effect
+ speed
+ sharpness
+ zoom
+ positioning

New! Full Size, automatic resizing to your monitor configuration.
New! Zoom in Full Size.
New! Ultra speed Zoom.
New! "Hard cover" efect.
Added sharpness making it easier to read the content.
New! Multilanguage.

New Portugal Reseller


New Czech Republic Reseller

Innovate, s.r.o.

New USA Reseller

WebLink Studio, Inc.

Define the properties of your publication and add the pages in PDF, JPG or SWF format.
With only one "click" your publictaion will be generated and published in the Internet and if you want you can download it to be distributed off-line in CD / DVD / Etc.
Analyze the visits to your publication "page by page".
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