A complete solution that enables your digital publications to be read on PC/Mac, now available for mobile applications, providing a high quality reading experience.

Available for 90% of mobile applications currently on the market.

Your publication needs no additional work.

Demo vPapel Mobile

At the same time as your normal desktop Flash publication, vPapel Mobile Beta generates a version optimised for each different mobile application using the following operating systems: Google Android, iPhone and Apple iPad.

It has a simple, high-speed interface enabling quick content loading, essential for mobile applications.

Takes full advantage of the benefits with mobile applications, like view rotation for a landscape view, page turning and touch zoom on/off.

No additional licence is required, the new vPapel Mobile beta application is already standard within the vPapel platform.

Any existing licence that enables vPapel on a PC/Mac permits its use with mobile applications.



Without downloading or installing software
For an application deployment without complications, avoid technical barriers or user confirmation. Easy and direct access to the publication.
Mobile devices autodetection
The publication automatically detects the device and is reconfigured according to the phone specifications.

All types of smartphones: Google Android, Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.
From 240x320 to 768x1024 pixels.

Gesture navigation
Easy to navigate pages with the touch of a finger.

Utilising the capabilities of mobile applications, your publication can be viewed in both landscape and portrait mode.

New Product vPapel+ Plus
Feel the Plus+ effect
+ speed
+ sharpness
+ zoom
+ positioning

New! Full Size, automatic resizing to your monitor configuration.
New! Zoom in Full Size.
New! Ultra speed Zoom.
New! "Hard cover" efect.
Added sharpness making it easier to read the content.
New! Multilanguage.

New Portugal Reseller


New Czech Republic Reseller

Innovate, s.r.o.

New USA Reseller

WebLink Studio, Inc.

Define the properties of your publication and add the pages in PDF, JPG or SWF format.
With only one "click" your publictaion will be generated and published in the Internet and if you want you can download it to be distributed off-line in CD / DVD / Etc.
Analyze the visits to your publication "page by page".
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