Reasons to Publish OnLine
1- Increases your income.
2- Low cost of investment.
3- On-Line statistics.
4- Instant product.
5- Extend the grasp of your publication to other markets and readers.
6- It has a visual impact.
7- It allows to include multimedia contents

vPapel is the solution to animation software of simulated pages that allows you to transform your paper publication into interactive catalog, newspapers, albums or magazins at a low cost.

New - Interactive Areas
Establish the interactive areas of your catalog, pointing out the actions that will have to be produced when the user will “click” on them when visualizing the publications.

More Feedback of Investment
Offer your advertiser the possibility of sending you a new customer re-directing him to your web when he visualizes the advertising, something impossible to do on paper.

Automatic Conversion from PDF to vPapel
Lets include JPG image files
Lets include Adobe® Flash® .SWF        
Lets include .FLV video files        
Create interactive areas (hot zones) in pages
Visits statistics, visited pages and georaphics statistics.
Page quantity limit Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Customizable catalog size
Vector Zoom
Full Page      
Zoom in Full Page      
Send to a friend
Automatic index creation
Automatic direc access thumbnails creation
Automatic flip-page for presentations
Lets select PDF file for direct download from the navigation bar
Download publication for Off-Line distribution. Save it in CD,,DVD, Memory-Stick, USB key,Etc.    
Resizable automatic miniature creation to be includ via iframe in your web site.
Favorite pages marker
Cut section to save as jpg file or to send to a friend
Print the selected page in PDF format
Words and phrases searcher
Multilanguage Navigation Bar      
Hard Cover Effect      
Add new PDF files to an existing vPapel publication
Upload Logo to include it in navigation bar
Secure link for resticted publication

Define the properties of your publication and add the pages in PDF, JPG or SWF format.
With only one "click" your publication will be generated and published in the Internet and if you want you can download it to be distributed off-line in CD / DVD / Etc.
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