Safe and compatible
It does not require any additional application in your PC, being a Flash application you only need an Internet Explorer navigator, Mozilla Firefox, etc.
It is not necessary to train the user to use vPapel, the flipping of the page is intuitive and realistic.
Distribute the vPapel publications in CD,DVD, CD-CARD, Memory Stick, etc. without needing to modifiying any parameter, you simple download it and store in the magnetic media that you choose. Even the word search engine will work in the offline version.

Simulated paper
The movement of the pages accurately simulates real paper, creating a nice effect to the user and attracting his attention.



What paper doesn't do...
vPapel offers a printed publication offering more benefits.
IIn vPapel you have got a magnifying glass to amplify an area of the page and observe details much better. You will find the index of contents and thumbnails in order to access directly to a page without having to browse one by one sequentially.
You will also be able to send the publication to a friend, print contents, define interactive areas and add videos, among other features.


Zero training
No specific training necessary In our control panel you will find  all that you need clearly and without abstract concepts, and if you still need us, our phone support will guide you so that you can get your purpose.

Advanced technology
vPapel uses the last  Adobe Flash technology in order to obtain a perfect finishing of the simulation and the change in size of the images and texts.

It is possible to generate all your catalogs from the vPapel control panel, saving them for future editions or revisions. Manage more that one publication from the same control panel offered by vPapel.

Personalized design

It allows to situate the vPapel publication in varied and creative sceneries, using the background designs that you choose.Use movement and video effects.Shape  the size of your publication according to your� needs.


Insert a new page, delete a page, modify an existing page in a matter of seconds.Offer a fast response also in daily publications such as newspapers and magazines.

Analyze your publication impact
Do you know how many people have read your real paper publication?. With vPapel this is possible. The vPapel control panel offers a statistics tool to analize your publications efectiveness.
Visits per page, visits by geographic area, visits of each interactive area, etc.

Multi-channel srategy
Generate new advertising spaces and reach users and markets that paper can't reach.
Create a similar physical /virtual communication.
Always available
It does not get lost, it does not get damaged, no matter where you are, you can access your vPapel publication in any place where there is an Internet connection.

Your vPapel publication can be seen online from any computer or you can download it and see it offline without being connected to the web.
Savings in printing costs
Observe how your advertising expenses  are reduced as your customers get used to consult the digital edition. You will save in printing and distribution. Your readers will be able to print only what they need.



The digital distribution contributes with the preservation of the environment.

New Product vPapel+ Plus
Feel the Plus+ effect
+ speed
+ sharpness
+ zoom
+ positioning

New! Full Size, automatic resizing to your monitor configuration.
New! Zoom in Full Size.
Ultra speed Zoom.
New! "Hard cover" effect.
Added sharpness making it easier to read the content.
New! Multilanguage.

New Brazil Reseller


New Czech Republic Reseller

Innovate, s.r.o.

New USA Reseller

WebLink Studio, Inc.

Define the properties of your publication and add the pages in PDF, JPG or SWF format.
With only one "click" your publication will be generated and published in the Internet and if you want you can download it to be distributed off-line in CD / DVD / Etc.
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